Success Stories

Click on the names below to read inspiring success stories from satisfied clients who have experienced life coaching with Annemarie.

Annettes success story

"Since having coaching with Annemarie I feel much more empowered in my life and also have more clarity and confidence.

I have a peacefulness that I didn’t used to feel, because the changes I have made mean that much of my stress has disappeared. This is partly because I am now more comfortable asking for help, and also because I make better choices on how much I take on.
However what has been the most useful is learning how to change my attitude to the tasks I do.  I am now able to enjoy events, which I previously found stressful and exhausting.

Annemarie asks the kind of deep and thoughtful questions that help me analyse the situation and clarify my true needs. She has an excellent ability to draw out my inner beliefs, and reveal deeper layers, so I get to know and understand myself better.
Because she listens and remembers our conversations so well, she is able to make useful insights that link all the different pieces of our conversations into a coherent big picture. Coaching has helped me see how everything is interrelated, and making changes in one area of my life has automatically affected all the other areas.

She was able to balance honest directness with kind empathy in a way that not only helped me move forward, but also modelled how I wanted to be in my relationships. I am now a lot more assertive at setting boundaries, and this has significantly changed both my personal and professional relationships.
I found Annemarie very professional to deal with. Her coaching rooms are an absolute pleasure to be in, with fresh flowers, peaceful decor and a private garden setting in stunning and restful colours  I found the 1 ½ hour no obligation introductory session was a spacious no pressure way to start coaching. In subsequent sessions Annemarie was always well prepared, and welcoming.

Finally, she has helped my confidence enormously, because she focuses on my strengths and gives me a lot of positive feedback. Her compliments are so genuine and thoughtful, that I am able to truly take them on board, and have started to see myself differently."




Bruce's success story

"I first went to Annemarie for life coaching out of curiosity. I had no real idea of what it was, but I didn’t think I needed it, or that I could learn anything new. WRONG!

This is the first time in my life that I have exercised so much self-discipline, so consistently on my goals.  The regular weekly appointments kept me focused on my goals. I discovered they could be achieved in incremental steps, instead of the all or nothing attitude I had before, which lead to inevitable failure.
Annemarie’s energy added to mine has meant that my progress has far exceeded what I could have hoped to achieve on my own.

Her encouragement helped me receive feedback positively and use it to overcome the fears and procrastination that stopped me from progressing towards success.
Annemarie’s focused questions led me to discover my own strengths, which has increased my self-acceptance and raised my self worth and confidence.

The life coaching process validated me, as a whole person in my endeavours and I now believes my success is inevitable, because I have something worthwhile to offer.
I recommend the life coaching experience as both challenging and rewarding"


Lindas success story

"Annemarie is an enthusiastic, encouraging coach who praised me for my achievements, however small. She is an excellent listener with a non-judgemental attitude, who has the ability to pick out key points in our discussions and express them succinctly.

I made huge progress in all my goals (sometimes actually exceeding the original goal), but more importantly I discovered the self-belief and confidence that made all the changes possible.
My increasing self-acceptance was mirrored in my attitudes to others, and my relationships improved as I allowed other people to be who they are.

As a result of coaching I have developed strengths and abilities I knew I had, but had kept them in check. I find I am handling situations I used to find difficult with calm, confident detachment.

Anemarie gave me the support I needed at just the right time. I am amazed at how much innate potential I’ve found, and feel at last there is a congruence between my inner and outer self."




Jaquis success story

"Since coaching with Annemarie I am feeling a lot more confident, and happier within myself. A friend commented on how much younger and more glowing I look now.

Coaching also increased my self-awareness and gave me an opportunity to explore my thoughts and feelings which I don’t normally do. Annemarie was very skilled at listening to me, and then reflecting back the main points, so I could hear my thoughts and feelings out loud. She challenged my inaccurate and unhelpful beliefs and asked just the right questions to give me the perspective I needed to start changing the way I thought and felt on the inside.

Annemarie was quietly positive and encouraging and never forced her ideas onto me, instead she let me come up with my own way of doing things. She helped me turn my insights and increased self-awareness into specific and practical steps to move myself forward.

Getting homework and being accountable to Annemarie helped me make changes more quickly than I would have done on my own."




Danielas success story

"When I met  Annemarie  I found her to be an open-mind listener, a genuinely caring person and also an immediately likeable human being.

Her non-judgemental and positive approach to coaching was a ray of light, and gave me a new perspective to look at my personal issues with more clarity and optimism. I am very grateful for all her loving help."




Eileens success story

"I came to coaching looking for lifestyle changes and though I was on the path I needed steering and guidance to achieve goals I had a sense that something was missing from my life, and discovered I focused too much on work and was not having enough fun. I have created a better leisure /work balance, and am celebrating and enjoying all the extra time I’ve made for me.  I now feel powerful because I have taken control of my life, and am consciously trying to live my best life everyday

Annemarie helped me find ways around sticking points to achieving my goals and change habits. I have had a lot of breakthrough moments and valuable insights as Annemarie  helped me see patterns emerging. I learnt what does and doesn’t work, and have become more flexible as I discovered that there is always another way of dealing with challenges.

Annemarie’s pearls of wisdom and techniques have been powerful motivational tools for me, that I will use for the rest of my life.

 Lifecoaching has had an impact on my whole life way beyond the original goal setting, and I know I am progressing to a healthier lifestyle.

In conclusion I  would recommend lifecoaching with Annemarie because it will get you where you want to go faster than trying to tackle challenges by yourself."




Beverlys success story

"Annemarie has an innate ability in her life coaching, to  listen to you in a fully present way . She is then able to ask questions which quietly challenge you to consider.  

Her ability to reflect on your story, then draw it together succinctly is, I find outstanding. 

Annemarie has a philosophy of living, which is reflected in the way she practices her life coaching and in the coaching environment she creates. It is serene and nurturing."




Glennis's success story

"When I came to coaching I had lost a lot of social confidence, and had become very introverted and focused in on myself. I wanted to get out and do more and meet more people, but anxiety and self criticism held me back. I was so afraid of saying the wrong thing or in the wrong way, and offending people that I didn’t say much in social situations.  I was also very critical of myself and would ruminate for days over any embarrassing mistakes I made. I had given up lots of things I used to enjoy because I was frustrated that health difficulties meant I could no longer do them as well as I used to.

Finally I was stuck in a negative mindset, and was closed of to trying new ideas. All of this meant it was hard for me to get out of my isolated rut and start having more fun and social contact.

I found it really helpful to talk to Annemarie openly about my fears and anxieties without being judged or pitied. It was an opportunity to get things of my chest and come away with more clarity and a new perspective, instead of blowing them out of proportion. I always walked away from coaching feeling so much more positive.

Coaching has helped my social confidence a lot and meeting new people no longer worries me. I have lost that anxious self-consciousness, and am no longer afraid of saying the wrong thing. I communicate a lot better, and know how to listen and ask questions to keep conversations flowing.

I have stopped being so focused in on myself and become more aware of who is around me. I actively look for opportunities to connect with others and can now start up conversations with strangers. People must sense this openness and approachability because I am delighted and surprised that people are more friendly and helpful to me now.

I am also a lot more positive and wiling to give things a go, even if I can’t do them well. When I make a mistake, I can laugh about it, and just try again.  I have become better at not looking back at my past, and how I used to be, and am accepting how I am now. Instead of being frustrated by my health difficulties I now find new more manageable ways to do things. I try and live day by day and make the most of what I can do."




Jess's success story

"Before coaching I felt I should be happier than I was but could not put my finger on what were the issues and why I was unhappy.  Annemarie helped me find the clarity and direction to improve my life, giving great support with a relaxed approachable style.

  She was able to ask me questions that got me thinking in a different way and look at things from a different angle helping me find the solutions I was looking for and to take the steps I needed to towards my goals.

I have learnt we are capable of more than we think and that with support, encouragement and a nudge in the right direction we’re able to find solutions to our problems.

  Thanks to Annemarie’s help I feel confident and optimist about the future and that I understand more about what I want and how to achieve it.  I am embarking on a new career and fulfilling some of my life ambitions."




Julie's success story

"Annemarie was exactly the person I needed to settle me down and help me create space in my life to re-evaluate what I was doing and where I was going. I had lots of ideas of what to expect, including that lifecoaching would be all about fast goal setting and working towards those, but my lessons were far deeper and more sustainable. Annemarie helped me gain a new perspective and challenged me to approach things differently. I came away from every session feeling empowered, motivated and calm, which was a perfect result."




Leanne's success story

"Annemarie is very kind and is able to listen without giving judgement or advice. She is good at helping you find your own solutions, while providing ideas, suggestions or bits of information where needed. I enjoyed the discussions that led to becoming aware of obstacles and options on a project or task.

 Annemarie kept notes on what we discussed each session which meant she was always up-to-date on what was going on and she knew what tasks you were supposed to have done by that session. This made the sessions feel personal and worthwhile.

I learned that I am thoughtful and persistent, so like the turtle, I will always get there in the end."




Elaine's success story

"Having life coaching with Annemarie has been an important part of helping me move on from a traumatic experience.

Coaching provided me with a safe place where I  could be heard without judgment and feel validated.
I found it helpful when  Annemarie shared examples  from her own personal experience, because it helped to normalize what I had been through.

Her client centered approach allowed me to go where I needed to go, and gave me  time to discuss and process what had happened.

This enabled me to clarify my priorities and define what actions  would help me heal and  move forward.
She balanced my  need to be heard with encouraging me to get out of my head  and move into action.
Annemarie  gave me permission to be kind and gentle to myself  and encouraged me to create more balance by filling my life with more nurturing activities.

I would recommend Annemarie if you need someone to talk things through with, clarify your path,  and make better sense of what you need to do."




Lisbe's success story

"Coaching was a surprise to me because I discovered more about myself than I was expecting. Coaching helped develop my self-awareness and I was able to see things  (which I had previously ignored about myself) very clearly. This new found clarity motivated me to make changes based on concepts and ideas that I had read about, and understood intellectually but hadn’t applied to my own life until now. Coaching helped me put these into practice and kept me on track while I developed new ways of being.

The clarity also helped me become more aware of my thoughts reactions, feelings and beliefs and therefore take more responsibility for my part in any difficulties I experienced with others. 

   Annermarie is an excellent communicator and has the ability to listen deeply without interrupting. She puts into words what I had been trying to express with a beautiful clarity that I could relate to. She created a relaxed non-judgemental environment where it was safe to put my feelings into words or laugh, cry and be angry. I felt respected and accepted throughout the whole coaching process.

As a result I began giving myself permission to trust myself and follow my feelings and believes rather than constantly question myself or try and be who I thought I ”should “ be.  As I let go of guilt and my need to please, my relationships with others have become more authentic and equal.

    Annemarie is also a very positive and encouraging coach who’s between session E-mails and positive feedback during coaching meant a lot to me. Her encouraging feedback helped me realise how much I had grown and how well I was already doing in many areas. This helped me develop a newfound self-respect and value based on loving and accepting myself, rather than seeking others approval.

  Annemarie has a gentle sincere power that allowed her to give me honest straightforward feedback in a way that never left me feeling stupid or wrong.   This feedback was based on her life wisdom and experience and was delivered with such sincerity and respect that I felt honoured to have such an authentic relationship.

   I would recommend life coaching for everyone, because the discipline of regular appointments and homework tasks gives you a self imposed structured time to get to know yourself and explore your life in a way that you normally wouldn’t."




Lisa's success story

"Annemarie has a gentle warm, action orientated approach to coaching. It’s the type of thing you need when you are feeling slightly fragile on a new path, but want a cheerleader in the corner, who can help you navigate hurdles and potholes."




Mellissa's success story

"Before I came to coaching, I felt all over the place with no direction. My marriage of 12 years had ended and I was recovering from a serious illness, and was struggling to pick up the pieces of my life.

 I knew I wanted to feel happier and be more positive, and that something needed to change, but had no idea how to start or what to do. I went to coaching because I saw this as an important transition point in my life,  an opportunity to learn how to be more independent, and make my own decisions, and develop new friendships.

Since having coaching I have become more positive and open, and have a lot more tolerance and appreciation towards people who are different from me. This has helped me to have happier and healthier relationships with my friends and family. I am also enjoying a wonderful caring relationship with a very considerate and respectful man. This is a huge breakthrough for me, because I was not used to being treated so nicely, and it took me a while to relax, trust and receive such unfamiliar kindness.

Emotionally I am a lot more positive and stable, and I am learning to live more in the now. I have a lot more awareness of my negative thinking patterns and behaviours, and am learning how to view challenges and situations in a more positive way. I have got better at focusing on my successes and I am more realistic and kind to myself. I no longer expect instant results, and understand that changing is process that takes time.  I am also a lot more confident and clear on what I want and who I want to be as a person.

Annemarie’s coaching helped me to accept what had happened in the past and to stop dwelling on it, and  move forward.

I felt very safe with Annemarie, and could tell her anything because she was very easy to relate to,& totally open and non judgemental.

I particularly admired how she balanced kindness and firmness, and was able to give me honest feedback if she saw me getting into unhelpful ways of thinking or acting. I also appreciated how Annemarie thought about me between sessions and would send me articles or ideas that she thought I might be interested in. This made me feel like she really cared about me.

I also liked her coaching rooms because they a relaxing homely welcoming atmosphere."

Melissa (office manager)



Monique's success story

"I was uncertain of where I was going in my life, what my passion even was, and let alone how I should follow it! I felt like I was at a crossroads and wanted some guidance about which way to turn. Now I am at a point where I value my own talents, and feel certain about where I want to place my energy. I am on the right path, and I have a commitment to keep working at my passion. I have learnt to take my passion seriously and to enjoy the process without being too hung up on the result. I found that after treating myself as a professional, and taking myself seriously, others followed suit!

I am judging myself by my own standards and values rather than what I think others think I should be doing/being! I think the biggest change has been on the relationship with myself, which inevitably spins off positively in my relationship with others.

Coaching was useful in getting me to take the time to think objectively about my life goals, and how I could make them happen. At a basic, logistical level, it gave me concrete deadlines to work towards. I felt like Annemarie would be checking that I had made progress on what I had set out to do, that someone actually gave a damn about whether I was working at my passion or not, so I had to perform!

Coaching helped me examine the excuses and barriers I put up for myself, to not follow my passion. Annemarie seemed to be able to hone in on the sticking points, and without lumbering any emotional ‘baggage’ on me, made me look at myself and work out what I needed to do to make my dreams come true. This was a major breakthrough for me – to take myself seriously, and value my own work, as I defined it.

 Annemarie’s real strength as a coach was to be able to pick up on the key issues, even when I couldn’t see them myself, and keep making me find solutions that would work for me. She was supportive, affirming, and yet gently tenacious when she saw I was sabotaging myself! Annemarie spoke to me on a practical, personal and spiritual level, seeing me as a whole person, which I greatly valued.

The venue was very pleasant – relaxed, beautiful, convenient."




Shaun's success story

"When I came to coaching I had been in a low place for a long time. I was despondent, and stuck in a negative mindset. I was lacking confidence and disliked myself for becoming a negative watered down version of my old self. I was having a lot of trouble dealing with stress and hiccups at work, and was overreacting. I also was impatient, intolerant and quick to get annoyed at other peoples shortcomings.

I desperately wanted to change all this, but didn’t know how.

I am now a completely different person, and feel like the complete opposite of what I was. People tell me I am a lot more optimistic and a much happier person to be around. I have a lot more confidence in myself in both work and personal situations. I am also more carefree and take disappointments and frustrations in my stride. I now feel better equipped to handle these situations, and am able to go with the flow and get into solution mode. Viewing the world in an optimistic way has now become natural for me.

I have taken responsibility for my mistakes without adding unnecessary and destructive guilt and blame and am more honest and understanding with myself.

Though I was nervous about trying something like coaching, Annemarie’s gentle compassionate personality made me feel comfortable right from the start. Her ability to listen in a non-judgemental way helped me relax and open up, so that conversation flowed easily. Her coaching style is not structured or definite and has a natural flow, which chips away at issues a little piece at a time; so that before you know it you are there.

She is able to pick up the key points and interject with relevant questions or feedback. Her ability to draw on real life experiences and examples helped normalise what I was going through. I found it great to have an objective third party to talk to, and her kind encouraging words and positive opinion of me, helped me to see that I was actually a nice person. I also appreciated her regular E-mail contact with useful articles attached, which helped me feel connected and cared about between sessions.

Her coaching rooms are much more welcoming than an office environment, and are located down a long driveway for peace and privacy. It is a comfortable room with a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere and views of a beautiful garden.

My increased confidence and general well being and happiness has been a direct result of the time you have spent listening to me and offering your much appreciated advice. For that I can't thank you enough."




Sandra's success story

"When I came to coaching I was shocked and hurt, because my boss told me my future with the company was in jeopardy if I didn’t improve my attitude and communication skills.

In coaching I realised that my need to be “busy” all the time had made my work/life balance out of whack. I realised I was spending too much time at work and not doing enough pleasurable things for myself. This stress and busyness was contributing to my abrupt and unapproachable manner with my boss and other staff.

Since having coaching with Annemarie I now feel more in control with my work/life balance. I am now disciplined about starting and finishing work at a reasonable time, so that I have time for domestic tasks, hobbies and relaxation.

At work I am now more at ease with myself, and don’t feel I have to be busy all the time, which has made me more approachable, and aware of other feelings. It has also helped me feel more relaxed and instead of rushing back to work at tea breaks I now take the time to connect with other staff, which has created a friendly work atmosphere.

Instead of dropping everything I was doing to help others whenever they asked, I am now being more assertive about prioritising my work and communicating about when and how I can help. This has decreased my resentment and made me more genuinely helpful.

I am now communicating with my boss in an effective and co-operative manner, and we have an awesome relationship again.

I have become more assertive about asking for regular feedback, and getting my needs met. As a result I feel far more valued by my boss, and my confidence has blossomed, as I now know I am considered one of the best members of the sales team.

To summarise I am now more relaxed, confident, approachable and assertive at work, which has created a healthier, happier, co-operative work environment for myself, boss and other staff.

I enjoyed coaching with Annemarie because she is a good listener, who helped me put things in perspective. I found the homework in between sessions useful to work on, as were the relevant articles she sent me.

I loved Annemarie’s room as it has a lovely garden to look out on to and it is very relaxing."

Client Manager



Sarah's success story

"Annemarie’s coaching rooms are set in a lovely private garden and decorated in soothing colours, which creates a peaceful beautiful coaching environment.  It is a place of stillness and calm where I can relax and let go, feeling safe.

I also feel safe because I have a trusting, honest relationship with Annemarie and can talk openly with her about things I wouldn’t normally share with other people, knowing it will be heard with kindness, not judgement.  Annemarie listening skills give me the space to explore things deeply, and her perceptive open-ended questions allow me to find my own answers.

Annemarie is a person of integrity who walks her talk and openly shares her wisdom and life experiences, without imposing her answers or opinions. Instead she walks alongside me without judgement, giving me a lot of positive encouragement, so that I am able to move forward in a way that is right for me.

 I also find it very helpful to get another perspective and real honest feedback, from someone who has my best interests at heart, and who I know is always in the background supporting me

Thanks to coaching I am a lot clearer on what is helpful to me, and because Annemarie keeps me on track, I am more focused and disciplined on making the changes that will help me reach my goals."


Sarsha's success story

"When I came to coaching I was unhappy and angry because of a hurtful experience in my past. I had no direction, and wasn’t sticking to the changes and goals I did have.

Coaching helped me to think about my life and behaviour in a new way and this helped me make many positive changes.

I realised holding onto the anger was only hurting me and was bringing everyone down around me.

I have been able to move on from the hurt, by letting go of my old ideals and accepting what had happened.

I learnt that feelings pass, and that I don’t have to act on them.

I discovered  that love conquers anger and that I can choose to act lovingly in spite of angry feelings.

I also learnt to not be so hard on myself, and have discovered that accepting and forgiving myself makes changing easier.

Since coaching with Annemarie I am much happier because I don’t dwell on the past, or focus on my problems.  I have made peace with what happened and as a result I am able to live more in the now. I can now enjoy my family, because I am able to be in the moment.

My relationships have improved because I am far less angry and more forgiving. I am far more relaxed which helps me see the funny side of things that I used to get reactive and stressed about.

Because I am less angry I don’t self- sabotage myself, and am more aware of the consequences of my actions.

Letting go of the hurt and anger has lifted a weight of my shoulders and has given me a healing sense of clearing that has freed up the energy and motivation to reconnect with my values and goals.

Overall I really enjoyed coming, because the rooms were lovely and peaceful and Annemarie is a good listener who was easy to talk to."




Susan's success story

"When I started to see Annemarie last year, I had reached a point where I had no passion left to strive and succeed in my personal life.  

I was working 60 hours a week with two very sulky, uncooperative teenagers to manage, a deteriorating step-family life, a manipulative ex-husband, and a clash in parenting styles between my partner and myself. I found the disagreements exhausting and very upsetting, and they left me with no time or energy to grow me.  I had no ability to self-care, and was stuck. I had always thought I would be a good singer, but with no support from anyone in my family, it was easily forgotten about as we tried to get through the disagreements and arguments about home life.  

 Annemarie helped me to find ways that nurtured me, things that would help me to remain calm and nourished in the middle of the stressful home-life.  We used lots of visual imagery, as that is my preferred learning style.  The metaphor that has stayed with me the most is the water and salt, where life’s struggles are the salt. If you put a cup of salt into a puddle of water, it will make it undrinkable, but if that cup of salt is added to a lake, then it is easily absorbed. The idea was to turn my life from a puddle of water to a lake, so that I could cope better with the issues that were happening. This powerful analogy helped me see that I had to make my own life more supportive and spacious. 

As a result Annemarie helped me work on the relationship and boundary issues that were flaring up. She also encouraged me to organise weekend/monthly breaks for myself, and couple weekends to rejuvenate a strained relationship. She helped me to stay true to the process, challenging me to follow through on self-care commitments.
Annemarie helped me make big shifts in following up my very dusty dream of rejuvenating my passion for singing.  We continued to work through how I could achieve singing again in my life, setting very achievable tiny tasks that allowed me to start making my ‘lake’ bigger. I am now singing weekly with a singing tutor, and am feeling very excited and happy to be achieving some of my personal goals again.

  I do recommend Annemarie as a supportive but firm life-coach; she is very practical and encouraging, listens very well, and provides time for letting off steam until you are ready to discuss agreed goals.  She also was flexible around contact outside of normal appointments if that was necessary in coping with particularly demanding situations. E.g. When I had to organise for my elderly Auntie to be put in a rest home, I was able to have an out-of-hours phone conversation to help deal with the emotional stress of this decision.

Thanks Annemarie for this wonderful support!  You have been a friend as well as a professional."




Tania's success story

"Annemarie is a very affirming coach, who is great at recognising when you have made progress and is able to feed it back to you in a way that is helpful and encouraging.

Annemarie’s coaching works at a deeper level than just goal setting, because she is able to help you uncover the deeper reasons, thoughts and blocks, that sabotage you and stop you being fulfilled.

Annemarie has the ability to sift through the details to find the key things or patterns that need attention. She continually stopped me going off track and getting lost in detail, by bringing me back to my key focus.

I found it very helpful that Annemarie was able to personally relate to my parenting goals and brought some practical wisdom to our coaching sessions based on both her personal and professional experience as a parent and positive parenting tutor.

Thanks to coaching I have made a lot of changes in our domestic routine and I now have a smoother running household. Many of the changes I made were things I had put off for some time, as they seemed too hard. However being accountable to Annemarie was the incentive I needed and I was delighted to find the changes were easy."

T Laing



Vicky's success story

"I came to coaching because I was unmotivated and lacking energy. I was unhappy a lot of the time and had a lot of anger about issues in my past that I didn’t seem to be able to let go of. I now feel more energised, positive, motivated and happy a lot more often, and this flows into every area of my life. I no longer put things off, or dwell on negative things, and am achieving a lot more in my day.

Coaching has also had a positive impact on my relationship with my husband and children, because I am able to be a lot more positive and encouraging with them.  I am also more fun and easy going, and a lot less stressed and grumpy.  
I also find I am a lot more open with friends and will now tell them if something really annoys me instead of dwelling on it. This has been a positive experience as most of the time people do not realise their actions or words have upset you.
Finally I have learnt not to feel guilty about choosing not to have relationships with some people. (Before coaching I felt obliged to)

In coaching I learnt to recognise my feelings, and think more positively rather than dwell on things. If I feel down or have challenges during the day I am now able to put myself in a lot better place more easily. Annemarie taught me tapping (E.F.T) which I find really helpful, and I now use it on a daily basis to help me manage my feelings.

A major breakthroughs was realising I wasn’t as happy with myself as I had thought, & that I was actually sabotaging myself. I realised that to be truly happy I had to change things in me. Annemarie’s spiritual perspective taught me that happiness and acceptance is not something that is going to come in the future when I had achieved certain things. I learnt that I had to be happy and accept myself now, and not put things off.

I also learnt that I didn’t love myself as much as I thought and that it is really important to take quality time for yourself everyday. (Watching T.V is not quality time!) Finally Annemarie encouraged me to be true to myself, and discover what made me joyful, and  prioritise those things into my life.

Coaching was a great opportunity for me to just focus on myself. I loved being able to explore possibilities and bounce ideas off with Annemarie and have her perspective of situations. I just loved the way coaching opened my mind to so many things about myself. At times Annemarie asked hard and scary questions that I had never considered before, and that really got me thinking. I also loved Annemarie’s homework, reminder emails, and the extra articles and resources she sent me between sessions as it gave me something to ponder on and work on.

 Annemarie is a very calming, loving person, who made me feel at ease immediately.  I felt like I could talk about anything with her because she was never judgemental.  She was very open and often shared her own experiences as examples. Her coaching rooms are also very welcoming, calming and peaceful.  I loved all the extra touches she provided such as a blanket, water, and peppermints.

In conclusion Annemarie is a special person with a beautiful soul, and I am very grateful to her for giving me the tools to help me change my life."




Yvette's success story

"When I came to coaching, I didn’t have any boundaries, and people walked all over me. I couldn’t say,  “no, I don’t want to”, instead I argued and justified myself. As a result I was resentful and angry.

Now I don’t need to justify myself, and I have the skills to speak my truth and back up my beliefs. I don’t feel guilty anymore.

  I was also very sensitive and would take criticism personally, and be traumatised by it. Now instead of sulking or arguing back have developed a resilience that allows me to feel strong and okay about myself despite getting a hard time from others. Amazingly I can even laugh about my mistakes.

This resilience has helped my relationships because I have more understanding of others people perspective and reactions. I also understand myself so much better, and this has given me more patience, respect and love for others.

Fear was my biggest obstacle; I was afraid of other people’s reactions, and worried that my ideas wouldn’t work. In coaching I worked on creating a clear vision of what I wanted, and I now know where I am going and what I want to achieve.

 I also developed the skills to process my fears and sensitivity in an effective way, so they no longer hold me back. Fear has mostly been replaced by faith and trust that it is all unfolding perfectly, and that I am going to be wildly successful.

 Annemarie was a great listener who heard the deeper message behind my words. She put things in a way that made sense and that I could relate to. Annemarie gave me practical strategies that made changes doable. She helped me see things from a different perspective, and encouraged me to try a different approach, so that subtle small changes in approach led to big changes in results.

From the very first introductory session I had big Aha moments.
I arrived in tears and was very angry and resentful.
I left the session feeling very positive and that I was worth something. 

In summary I have changed such a lot in these last few months. Coaching was so much more than achieving goals; it has changed me as a person. I have become more strong and solid in myself.

I am able to stand in my truth, live in integrity with the real me, and am open about the things that are meaningful to me.

In relationships I am assertive, authentic, and respectful. I communicate in a powerful, honest, non-reactive way, and arguments are diffused quickly.

 My fears and lack of confidence have been replaced with trust and self-belief.

I am walking into my new life knowing that I am not a victim anymore. I have learnt that nothing is impossible, and that if I want it I can get it."




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Take these quizzes and discover ways to increase your happiness, check your life balance and how present you are to your life. read more
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