For those on a limited income

I became a coach to make a difference to my clients life’s, and to help them find more happiness. For me money is a side benefit to doing this rewarding work.

Therefore if you are genuinely committed to making changes in your life I don’t want money to be an obstacle. For this reason I reserve two coaching spaces for those on a limited income.

The following conditions apply.

  1. Are we a good fit for each other?
  2. Are you open and willing to make changes? 
  3. Are you able to attend appointments at off peak times between 
    10:30am- 3:00 pm on Tuesday, and Thursday?
  4. Will you commit to a block of 6 sessions taken over 12 weeks? 

Once these conditions have been confirmed we can negotiate a fee that honours my skills, while reflecting your financial circumstances.

Please get in touch if you would like to have a free phone call or book an appointment.
Or call me on Ph 021 076 5450 to discuss the best option for you.

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