"Mindfulness is the art of arriving in the present moment,
to recognize all the conditions for happiness we already have."
Thich Nhat Hanh

In our daily lives we are often preoccupied with regrets about the past or fears about the future. We lose ourselves in our plans, in our anger, in our anxieties. Mindfulness frees us from this obsessive and unproductive thinking, by grounding us firmly in the present moment, the only moment in which you can be truly alive and truly happy.

With basic mindfulness tools you can learn the art of transforming any ordinary everyday moment into a happy moment.
With mindfulness you can notice that you are alive, that you have legs to walk, a nose to smell and ears to hear. You have two wonderful eyes: you simply need to open them to enjoy the paradise of colors and forms all around you.

So many wonders are available to you.
But are you available to them?

Mindfulness helps us to arrive in the here and now and recognize the wonders of life that are right there, within us and around us.

I draw on my 18 years of personally practicing mindfulness and attending retreats and my 12 years of hosting meditation and mindfulness groups, to teach interested clients some basic ways to meet the everyday moments of their live with more attention.

Get in touch if you would like to learn some simple ways you can bring more mindfulness into your everyday life.

"I have made peace with what happened, and as a result I am able to live more in the now. I can now enjoy my family, because I am able to be in the moment."


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