If you are looking for a coach who is gentle and kind, and who has a personal understanding of what it feels like to be scared, stuck, confused and unworthy, then you are in the right place.

If you’re after a life coach who knows what it’s like to feel low, and who knows how to cultivate happiness, even when life is challenging you’re in the right place.

As a young woman I had a constant underlying feeling of being “not good enough” and often felt unconfident and depressed. I was in an unfulfilling job, and my lack of self-love meant I sought approval from others in unwholesome ways. I took my thoughts to be real and important, yet believing them made me feel deficient and dissatisfied. I tried to avoid painful feelings by distracting myself with unsatisfying behaviors.

There was a constant level of discontent because I judged everything – other people, situations and myself- to be falling short of the ideal I had about how things “should” be.

No wonder I was unhappy!

After taking many false paths in my search for happiness, and making lots of mistakes, I eventually found helpful answers and tools in the ideas and practices of Buddhist philosophy, A.C.T,and Positive psychology. I also find it helpful to have a regular practice of Mindfulness and Gratitude.

So though I initially resented and resisted the messy parts of being human, I eventually saw them as opportunities for growth and greater understanding. Through these difficulties I have learnt ……

  • To let go of ideals and expectations, and find contentment and gratitude with who I am, and where I am in life.
  • To allow my painful feelings and thoughts and embrace them with kind acceptance so that they don’t limit me or grip me so tightly.  
  • That though some things are out of my control, (Rats!)  I can still choose my response to them.
  • That happiness and fulfillment doesn’t come from trying to improve and change my life, and it doesn’t come from getting, doing and having more, it comes from BEING (in the present moment) more.

In my work I bring all of my life experience, spirituality, professional training, passion for growth and humanity to each of my clients.
My intention is simple: to continue my own personal growth, and to share this life wisdom so that others will suffer less.

I want to spend my time helping people like you to…

  • Find balance, contentment and purpose within themselves.
  • Discover what’s important to them, so they live in harmony with  their deepest values.
  • Take empowered thoughtful actions that support their goals, intentions, priorities and values.

… as we all deserve to live lives we love, despite the ups and downs of being human.

Now it’s your turn to get in touch and tell me your story. I’d love to get to know you.

"Annemarie is a person of integrity who walks her talk and openly shares her wisdom and life experience, without imposing her answers or opinions."

"Annemarie was supporting, affirming and gently tenacious when she saw I was sabotaging myself." 

"I could tell her anything because she was easy to relate to, and totally open and non judgemental. She balanced kindness with firmness and was able to give me honest feedback if I was getting into unhelpful ways of thinking."

"Annemarie has a gentle and sincere power that allowed her to give me honest straightforward feedback in a way that never left me feeling stupid or wrong. This feedback was based on her life wisdom and was delivered with such sincerity and respect that I felt honoured to have such an authentic relationship."

"Annemarie has the ability to listen to you in a fully present way. She is then able to ask questions, which quietly challenge you to consider".


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